Server Monitoring and Risk Reduction

Server stability predetermines success of brokers. Our solutions will help you to prevent risks by continuous monitoring of the platform and instant notifications on undesired events. 


Post Signal Sender

Post Signal Sender allows a dealer to keep abreast of the latest developments taking place on the server and does not require constant running MT4. It emails recent notifications in order to save time and give an immediate response.

  • Different communication channels
  • Immediate response to changes
  • Opportunity to receive notifications remotely
Quotes Watcher

Quotes Watcher is one of the solutions for protecting brokers. It helps to prevent the effects of time-outs that may occur due to server bugs. Quotes Watcher supports relevant symbol rates and turns off the option of trade in the case of the data source problems. Once the rates are updated, orders will be carried out autonomously.

  • Immediate response to occurred errors in quotes updating
  • Monitoring all the instruments separately
  • Minimizing the risk of a downtime

Event Alerts

Event Alert is a refined warning system that allows your clients to receive SMS or email notification about the recent status of their accounts. The application has a simple configuration, so you can easily customize client lists and events they should be notified. In addition, it has the opportunity to set up SMS payment to the client account.

  • Convenient service for your clients
  • Option of sending notifications in various ways
  • Keep clients abreast account balance
Account Monitor

Account Monitor allows to track performance of several accounts and to receive notifications when certain critical values of losses are reached. When the client reaches extremal point, the plugin blocks trades.

  • Automatic notification of changes in the balance
  • Individual settings for each account
  • Automation of risk management
Cheater Finder

Cheater Finder provides a unique ability to handle big (too much for a human dealer) amounts of data in MT4, identifying and marking unfair traders. It helps significantly reduce the losses and spendings for human resources.

  • Identifying unfair customers
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve profits