Risk management and Dealing

Risk management solutions limiting risks of clients and brokers. Automation of routine dealing operations. Using our solutions will save your money and human resources.

StopOut Plugin

The solution helps to retain customers by limiting their risks and losses.
Unlike the standard MT4 Stop Out option in, the plug-in supports filtering by accounts,not only groups. When the certain level of equity is reached, all orders on the client account are automatically closed and he is not able to open new ones. Critical level of equity can be defined as an exact value or as a percentage of equity loss on the day.

  • Proprietary algorithms for Stop Out function
  • Flexible settings
  • Ability to specify a value separately for each client
Virtual Diligence Plugin

This solution protects brokers from traders who abuse trading platform. This plug-in has different ways of configuration (by groups, symbols) and automatically performs contra-measures against scalping methods. As a result, it reduces broker's risks.

  • Prevents arbitrage trading on delayed quotes
  • Separate settings for groups and accounts
  • Processing of pending orders
  • Instant / Market execution supported
Margin Changer

Margin Changer automatically changes leverage depending on orders' volume of a client. The margin value will vary depending on the nominal value of the order to minimize the risk of loss of broker’s real funds.

  • Extention of server standard settings configuration
  • Automatic leverage change depending on orders' volume
  • Loss minimization
Credit Disabler

Credit Disabler minimises clients' risks of bonus programm, when broker attracts traders by giving bonus loan. Our program will supervise clients' spendings. If an account's equity falls below a specified setting credit will be cancelled so that clients will not lose more than they have.

  • Automatic loan cancellation
  • Flexible settings
  • Quick reacting to the client’s losses
Leverage Changer

Leverage Changer is designed to assist brokers in automation of the risk management process. It sets rules for automatic leverage assignation depending on balance of the client. Thus broker will automate the process and reduce time and human resources for implementing settings, as well as minimise risks by setting smaller leverage to accounts with larger balances.

  • Automatic leveraging change in different conditions
  • Minimization of risks from large clients
Account Monitor

Account Monitor allows to track performance of several accounts and to receive notifications when certain critical values of losses are reached. When the client reaches extremal point, the plugin blocks trades.

  • Automatic notification of changes in the balance
  • Individual settings for each account
  • Automation of risk management
Trade Controller

Trade Controller is designed to improve dealing efficiency and reduce the cost of human resources by automation of order cancellation/ confirmation on flexible terms, eliminating human factor risks.

  • Dealing quality improvement
  • Smart filters (e.g.by leverage,opened orders etc.)
  • Profit maximization
  • Pending orders dealing supported
  • Risk minimization
Swap Changer

Swap Changer is an application that gives you an opportunity to save a lot of time, changing swaps for particular symbols in MetaTrader 4, as well as creating delays at the time of swap changes and updates to confront quotes stoppage at server.

  • Automatic swaps change
  • Ability to change swaps with delay
  • Synchronization with XLS