Reporting and Server Data Collection

Facilitation of reporting  to external regulators. Server data collection for internal and external needs. Development of any reporting system for complience with Forex regulator's requirements.




JFCA Automated Report

JFCA Automated Report automatically generates reports for the Japanese regulator JFCA with all its requirements.

  • Complete automation
  • Compliance with all regulatory requirements
Copier Excel

Copier Excel is a program that aims to significantly simplify lives of brokers who need a quick and convenient way to transfer data from MS Excel to MT4. If you store data in Excel format and then you want to transfer some data to the server, this plug-in is the best choice for you!

  • Imports data to MT4
  • Easy to use
Tick Saver

Ticks Saver is an application designed for managers. It allows you to save the history of rates on the selected symbols, providing an excellent opportunity for the users who need detailed reporting.

  • Saving all ticks without burdening MetaTrader4
  • Opportunity to use the history of ticks as evidence in disputes with clients

TickZipper is designed to optimize server activity and reduce the cost of human resources by archiving automatically a tick database that on the one hand relieves the server, and on the other eliminates this problem for experts.

  • Tick history optimization on the MetaTrader 4 server
  • Automation of routine tasks