Hedging, Liquidity and Feed Management

Solutions for brokers, who want to hedge their risks by executing  trades on LP or to receive quotes from external sources and manage their quote streams efficiently to maximize profits.

Fix Bridge

Fix Bridge connects MT4 to the liquidity provider using FIX-session. It allows to hedge financial risks and synchronize prices with Liquidity Provider. It supports Markups and Spread configuration, bid/ask rounding ,as well as changing symbols settings.

Fix Bridge is a reliable and functional product that enables easily integration. With these qualities, it is perfect for small and medium-size brokers wishing to succeed in the Forex market.

  • Flexible symbols configuration
  • Markup and Spread settings
  • Market / Instant execution
  • Individual settings for accounts
  • Detailed logging
Price Feeds (FIX, CQG, QuoteCenter, etc)

Price Feeds is a class of plug-ins that replace the standard DDE channel of MetaTrader data, offering reliable data stream at high speeds with advanced filtering capabilities. Classic Price Feeder supports instant switching to the additional resources when the primary becomes unavailable, so that relevant prices are always displayed on the server.

  • Stability in rate shipping
  • Effective methods of switching to the reserved channels
Currency Server

Currency Server is a system running in real-time, which monitors the ticks, and then processes and sends them to a separate database. This development is a great tool for those who are concerned detailed reporting of trades.

  • Saving all ticks without burdening MetaTrader 4
  • Opportunity to use the history of ticks as evidence in disputes with clients
  • Saving all ticks in a database for further use in other products or creating an archives for users
Feed Scheduler

Feed Scheduler is a product that helps you to set the time interval when a certain Feeder should work. It helps a broker to simplify and automate the process of quotes updating.

  • Full control over the quotes feeds
  • Opportunity to use different sources at different times
Tick controller

Tick Controller is a plug-in designed for fast and easy feed modification in accordance with the user-defined configuration.

  • Rounding and averaging tick types
  • Markups to bid/ask
  • Minimum spread value settings
  • Filter by symbols