Routine Tasks Automation

Technological solutions for automation of brokerage routine tasks, such as brokers commissions and swaps handling, automatic change of group and accounts settings. Implementation of dynamical model of marginal crediting. 

StopOut Plugin

The solution helps to retain customers by limiting their risks and losses.
Unlike the standard MT4 Stop Out option in, the plug-in supports filtering by accounts,not only groups. When the certain level of equity is reached, all orders on the client account are automatically closed and he is not able to open new ones. Critical level of equity can be defined as an exact value or as a percentage of equity loss on the day.

  • Proprietary algorithms for Stop Out function
  • Flexible settings
  • Ability to specify a value separately for each client
Margin Changer

Margin Changer automatically changes leverage depending on orders' volume of a client. The margin value will vary depending on the nominal value of the order to minimize the risk of loss of broker’s real funds.

  • Extention of server standard settings configuration
  • Automatic leverage change depending on orders' volume
  • Loss minimization
Leverage Changer

Leverage Changer is designed to assist brokers in automation of the risk management process. It sets rules for automatic leverage assignation depending on balance of the client. Thus broker will automate the process and reduce time and human resources for implementing settings, as well as minimise risks by setting smaller leverage to accounts with larger balances.

  • Automatic leveraging change in different conditions
  • Minimization of risks from large clients
Minimum Commission

Minimum Commission introduces minimal daily commission for traders in case the total comission received by broker is smaller then predefined value.

  • Sets minimum daily commission
  • Suitable for WL
  • Flexible settins- filtered by groups/ accounts/ symbols
Swap Changer

Application for mass swap updates on MT4. Updates swaps according to values stated in excel file. Creates delays during swap changing process.

  • Automation and time saving
  • Ability to specify value for each symbol
  • Risk reduction through delays
Islamic Swaps

Plugin for extending your brokerage offer with islamic accounts. It affects only special accounts, for others swaps are charged by standard MT4 mechanism. A broker can indicate a period in days after which the plugin will charge swaps.

  • Setting up swapfree accounts
  • Flexible settings for charging rollover fee
Sharia Plugin

MT4 Plugin for Islamic Forex Brokers. It automatically processes the handling charge for Sharia account positions that have been held for a specific period.

  • Creation of swap-free accounts
  • Fixed fees for holding positions
  • No human error risk
Group Changer

This plugin allows to overcome the limitations of Metatrader4. It can change group of any account with opened orders without MT4 server restart.

  • Changing groups without MT4 restart
  • Exceeding possibilities of MT4 server