Asset management and copy-trading

You can increase profits by offering various money management programs, as well as, monitor your risks by copying trades to a single account. Besides classic MAM solution we also offer various trade-copy tools with different copying parameters.


Ultimate Multi-Account Management (UMAM)

UMAM is the most popular T4B software that extends your platform functionality by adding managed funds service. This solution is a must-have for attracting unexperienced traders, who wish to trade on Forex with no effort. Professional traders manage multiple traders' accounts and excel their gains by getting comissions for every successful trade. The profits and losses are distributed in accordance with clients’ investments.

  • The best plug-in for the PAMM-service
  • Precise order volumes -6 fraction digits accuracy
  • Real-time trades distribution with the same pricing
  • All order types supported (SL/TP, Pending)
  • Compatibility with other plug-ins
  • Ability to check account history by traders
  • Suitable for STP brokers( Bridges compatibility)
  • Meets JFCA, FCA, CySEC requirments for wealth management services
Trade Duplicator

This solution offers your clients trade-copy service and allows them to copy deals performed by professional traders in different proportion. Unlike MAM solution customers are allowed to open their own trades. Copied orders together with the source one can be handled by Bridge.

  • Flexible copying parameters (with multiplier, one-to-one,fixed lots etc.)
  • Compatibility with B-book and A-book models
Group Trades Copier

This tool copies orders from multiple groups to one account, specified by broker. All the orders that should be passed to liquidity can be collected on this single account. It may serve as a risk managent tool showing total order volumes and broker's exposure.

  • Different types of copying (reverse, fixed lots, one-to-one)
  • Optimization of hedging at liquidity provider
  • Controll over exposure
More Profit Trade Copier (MPTC)

This solution helps a broker to implement asset management programm. MPTC plug-in designed to monitor specific groups and copy their trades on the target account under user-defined conditions. Additional filter by pips, which allows to copy deals by initial price only if the order is profitable.

  • Extensive filtering capability
  • Copy from groups to one account
Exact Copier

Exact Copier allows your customers to boost their income by automatic copying of professionals' trades. Own transactions are possible as well. This plug-in is a simplified version of Trade Duplicator.

  • Simplified version of Trade Duplicator
  • Easy confguation
Trade Copying Tool Constructor

Special offer for those brokers who wish to combine functional characteristics of Trade Duplicator and Group Trades Copier plug-ins

  • Copy from groups to single account
  • Copy trades from successfull trader