Protection against quotes and execution delays

These solutions minimize risks, caused by trading on spikes and gaps and prevent trading on invalid market rates. We provide plug-ins for protection against scalpers, high volatility, delays of execution, as well as tool for automatic identification of unfair clients.


Cheater Finder

Cheater Finder provides a unique ability to handle big (too much for a human dealer) amounts of data in MT4, identifying and marking unfair traders. It helps significantly reduce the losses and spendings for human resources.

  • Identifying unfair customers
  • Reduce risks
  • Improve profits
Taboo Plugin

Taboo Plugin was developed as one of the alternative instrument for fighting the system abuse in high volatility periods. It's functionally is similar to Virtual Dealer plug-in, however has some special configurations.

  • Contra-measures against platform abuse
  • All types of orders supported
  • Market/Instant execution
AntiScalper VD Plugin

Anti Scalper VD is the solution for protection against traders using platform vanureability by scalping on delayed quotes. This plug-in has different ways of configuration (by groups, symbols) and automatically performes contra-measures against scalping methods. As a result, it reduces broker's risks.

  • Prevents arbitrage trading on delayed quotes
  • Separate settings for groups and accounts
  • Processing of pending orders
  • Instant / Market execution supported
Symbol Spread Changer

Symbol Spread Changer is designed to save human resources of broker, automating the process of symbol spread change acccording to schedule. This doesn't only reduce the amount of man-hours, but also increases the accuracy of the process.

  • Automatically changes spread
  • Individual settings for each Forex instrument
AntiNews Plugin

Anti-News will configure and set required price values that should be displayed in a certain period of time (for example, in the news). Thus, you can limit the speculators and scalpers actions without making great efforts.

  • Risk reduction during the news time
  • price adjustment
Price Changer

Price Changer will change the price of the order opening / closing at certain value of spread for all types of orders..

  • Profit maximization
  • Filters by groups/accounts, symbols
High Volatility Adjuster

Gives you an opportunity to cut risks during periods of high market volatility- news time, for example. It automatically restricts traders' actions with SL/TP and pending orders during the period.

  • Protection against news trading
  • Stop / Limit order management
  • TakeProfit / StopLoss control
Tick Controller

Tick Controller is a plug-in designed for fast and easy quotes modification in accordance with the user-defined configuration.

  • Rounding and averaging tick types
  • Markups to bid/ask
  • Minimum spread value
  • Filter by symbols