Ready-made products for MetaTrader4 & MetaTrader5

We completely understand all the common needs of a broker, therefore, among our ready-made products you will find a whole set of solutions that will satisfy all the basic needs of any brokerage firm. Our solutions help on every stage of a brokerage business life-cycle: to economize on the start, increase attractiveness and differentiate your business from the competition on the growth and maturity stages.

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Solutions for MT4
Hedging, Liquidity and Feed Management

Solutions for hedging risks of STP brokers and receiving quotes streams from Liquidity Provider

  • Control over exposure
  • Ofsetting risks
  • Low-latency trade execution
  • Managing price streams
  • Increasing profits from spreads
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Protection against quotes and execution delays

Essential brokerage tools for risk control

  • Fighting latency arbitrage
  • Protection against platform weaknesses
  • Protection during news releases
  • Profit maximization
  • Reduction of manual work
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Asset management and copy-trade tools

Money management and Signal Services

  • Attraction of clients with various investment programs
  • Control over brokers' exposure with a single account
  • Increasing trade volumes
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Risk management and Dealing

Risk management for brokers

  • Risk reduction
  • Profit maximization
  • Dealing automation
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Reporting and Server Data Collection

Reporting to regulators and internal audit

  • Full automation of reporting process
  • Hassle-free server data collection
  • Routine task reduction
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Bonus and Affiliate programs

Software for clients attraction

  • Extended partnership networks
  • Automation of bonus programs
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Integration and expansion

Integration of trading platforms with sites, data sources, crm

  • Brokers site with extended functionality
  • Increased conversion
  • Improved trading experience with Depth of Market
  • Back-office connection
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Routine Tasks Automation

Reduction of time spent on routine tasks.

  • Error-free updates of MT4 settings
  • Automation of settings configuration
  • Economizing on human resources
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Server Monitoring and Risk Reduction

Continuous monitoring of the stability of the trading platforms

  • Ensuring platform stability
  • Identification of risky situations
  • Reaction to emergencies
  • Different communication channels
  • Automatic notifications
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Ready-made MT5 solutions

We have developed a set of ready solutions for the growing in popularity multi-asset Metatrader5 platform. These plugins and applications will help MT5 brokers to offer the initial set of services required by their clients. Our MT5 product range continues to grow.


Classical solution that helps brokers to arrange money management system on the server. This software facilitates trades turnover on the server, enabling investors to attach their money to a money manager, who manages multiple accounts via MT5 interface.

  • Unlimited number of simultaneous trades managed by single money manager
  • Precise profit allocation
Bonus Manager

Offering credit bonus is a common practice for brokers.It helps to attract and retain clients by giving them additional funds that can be used in their trading operations.Our solution prevents risks of such bonus programs. It tracks the state of every account taking part in the program and cancels bonus if a client has a lack of own funds.

  • Automation of bonus program
  • Adjusted conditions for bonus cancellation
Agent and IB Comission

Extend the possibilities of MetaTrader5 platform by creating hierarchical agent structure with unlimited number of levels. This is a guaranteed way to gain a lot of clients. The solution is highly adjustable to your needs.

  • Filters by groups,accounts,symbols
  • Opportunity to set commissions in
    pips/ money amount/ percentage commissions
Swap Changer

Swap Changer is an MT5 Manager application that automatically uploads swap values of all specified symbols.

  • Routine tasks automation
  • Time saving
  • Minimizing human errors
Risk Handler

Intelligent risk - management system that emulates actions of a dealer and processes all types of orders. It helps to minimize risks connected with trading on spikes and gaps and to prevent trading on invalid market rates.

  • Precise execution rules
  • Support of all order types
Stop Out Plugin

Risk management plugin that allows to limit losses in case of market drawdown. It closes all orders of a client if certain critical level of equity is reached.

  • Individual Stop Out levels for accounts
  • Disabling trade upon reaching Stop Out
  • Stop Out level as percentage of Equity loss
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