Affiliate programs creation

Our solutions allow Independent brokers and White Label companies to arrange a partnership program for attracting new clients and boost lead generation through affiliate and IB networks.


Multi-level Agent and IB Commission (MLAC)

Multi-level Agent Commission creates multi-level hierarchical agent structure so that introducing brokers (IB) and the other agents will receive commission for trades performed by lower agents' levels. Thus, the limitation of single-level agents commission on MT4 can be overcome.

  • Multilevel Affiliate Program
  • Filters by groups,accounts,symbols
  • Opportunity to set pips/ money amount/ percentage commissions
  • Suitable for WL
Regex Agent Commission

Regex Agent Commission allows to create multi-level hierarchical agent structure. Within such structure an introducing broker and the other agents receive a commission for trade, conducted by lower levels. Thus, the typical limitation of the MT4 Manager program, single-level communication between agents, will no longer be a going concern.

  • Effective involvement of partners
  • Multi-level partnership program development
  • Opportunity to set up the commission for individual groups and accounts
  • Opportunity to appoint the commission on each tool