Expand your Brokerage business with T4B!

Binary options- is a unique product that is gaining popularity not only among newcomers, but also among experienced traders. Monthly Binary Options market turnover reaches tens of millions dollars and the tendency continuously grows.

Due to the integration of T4B Binary Platform with the existing MT4 environment you can diversify your brokerage business and attract new customers without any effort  from your side.  The platform stimulates activity of customers, offering them a new, simple and at the same time  profitable trading tool. This can significantly increase turnover of a brokerage business.

In addition, T4B Binary Options Platform  can be configured individually for your needs. Starting from customizable interface, and trading instruments to individual settings of  risk management system , affiliate and bonus programms.




Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android compatible web terminal. This provides convenience for users preferring mobile trading and allows to keep track of trading on the go.

  • Reaching the whole mobile audience
  • Support of different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Full integration with MetaTrader4

Full integration with infrastructure of your MetaTrader4 platform allows you to offer your clients a new popular service. Your clients can immediately trade binary options on existing Forex accounts.

  • Easy and fast diversification of brokerage offer
  • Full synchronization of Forex & Binary Options accounts
  • All of the MT4 reports, configurations and datafeeds are supported
Customisation of platform interface

With customizable design every broker is able to maintain it' s own unique style. Our platform can be easily customized according to your individual requirements.

  • Variety of skins
  • Your branding
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Any language supported
Intelligent risk management system

We have developed a risk management system that automatically monitors the actions of traders and reacts to current market conditions.

  • Flexible configuration of payouts by symbols, groups and time period
  • Maximization of broker's profits based on real-time analysis
Bonus program module

Well thought-out bonus system attracts clients and stimulates  binary options trading. Embedded bonus module allows to implement efficient  promotion campaign by giving your clients different types of bonuses. 

  • Attracting customers with bonus program
  • Motivating clients to trade more with volume-based bonuses
  • Configurable bonus conditions
Affiliate program creation

You can easily build a referral network for your platform of binary options by using automated system for affiliate commission payments.

  • Expansion of client base
  • Opportunity to use existing referral network in MT4
  • Unlimited depth of reference-levels
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