T4B develops technology solutions for Forex brokers
Please contact us if you need effective solution for your brokerage. We develop software for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms and offer both ready-made solutions and custom developments.Our experience and knowledge in the field of Forex software allows us to solve problems of any complexity.

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Alexey Kutsenko
Chief Executive Officer
In 2009, after 3 years in the brokerage firm on the position of head of Dealing and Technology Development department, Alexey Kutsenko established his own company. Experience in the brokerage firm gave an understanding of the issues and challenges he faced in the daily activities. He has become the main generator and the inspirer of this company and all its products.
In 2013, Alex Kutsenko was appointed to the Committee on the analysis of the International Financial Services Commission dispute that is proof of his long experience and understanding of the financial markets.
In 2015, Alex was qualified as financial specialist in broker-dealer activities and security management.
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Albina Zhdanova
Chief Operating Officer
With no doubt, can be named one of the most influential women at the Forex technology market. She is a regular attendee of Forex expos all around the globe. During the years of work at Tools4brokers she gained substantial knowledge in Forex industry and now she is a frequent speaker at Forex conferences. She successfully manages the company already for over 4 years and explores new areas of business development. In addition, Albina focuses on promoting Tools for Brokers and establishing business relationships on Asian markets.

Nikita Trofimov
Chief Technical Officer
In his portfolio Nikita has software developments for variety of industries, successfully implemented own projects and projects for the leading IT-companies. Therewith, Nikita is engaged in teaching activities, he holds lectures for beginner programmers and has his own blog.
«I have been programming since I can remember myself, - he says. - It all started in school, at the University it all aggravated, and then passed into a “chronic disease”, which I cannot get rid of for many years now».
In Tools4brokers Nikita works on high-priority projects and monitors the work of other programmers to ensure the quality and delivery of new developments on time. He also visits the most influential Forex events to discuss the specific requirements for new software features directly with the clients.

Baiana Kashaeva
Chief Sales Officer
Baiana works in a company for more than three years. Due to her high communication skills and agile mind she achieved significant growth in company’s sales and quickly climbed the career ladder: from Account Manager to the Head of Sales. Baiana is constantly working on the improvement of customer relationships quality and manages and trains the sales team to ensure the high service level.
She actively participates in various Forex exhibitions and conferences, always being in the centre of the action. This helps her to build new contacts and to maintain close relationships with the existing customers of the company.
«I always pay attention to details in order to provide best service to our customers, - says Baiana - as I truly believe it is small things that make big deals».

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